Feeling the Fit

Clothes are often part of how a person views their achievements in life, and those who find their wardrobe is full of beautiful garments that no longer fit will tend to find life less than pleasant. They want to be able to toss on whatever they have and look good, but even their baggiest clothes can look tight. This might be the time they finally begin once again to make lifestyle changes because they want to look good, but feeling the fit of their favourite clothes again could help them follow through until they achieve real success.

A healthy body is good, but it needs to be accompanied by a healthy mind and outlook for life to be at its best. For a few lucky people, this success comes without any effort on their part. They eat what they like, fail to exercise on a regular basis, but they still look fantastic in anything they wear. The majority of people in the world today would love to do that, but they have found it takes work to get there. Eating right and working on a regular exercise routine are part of what they need to achieve the best fit for their life and their clothing.

Those who say it is easy are either people who have never had an issue with weight, or they do not remember their own struggle. Making major changes when nothing fits quite right can be one of the most depressing and difficult times in a person’s life. Reaching their goal could take more than a year, and there will be times when depression hits hard.

The effort to get back into shape should be a cautionary one to make people never get out of shape, but it generally does not work that way. While some people will begin as soon as they reach the next size up, those who do not are often taken by surprise when they realize they have gone four or five sizes past their optimum weight. Being able to take it off again is an achievement they should feel proud of when their clothes and lifestyle once again fit comfortably.